Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dylan was such a trooper during this photo session. It was so cold outside - vey unusual for April in Louisiana. His mom really wanted pictures of him at the lake with his overalls, so we did it. He froze his little toes off, but we didn't make him suffer for too long before I got some good shots of him.

The Humphries

My friend Paige brought her 3 kids over for a photo shoot - Madison, Aubry, and Hayden. They are absolutley beautiful. I love it, because it makes my job so easy! I just let them play around the lake and started snapping. The little ones didn't want to sit still and pose, which is just fine with me. I love the candid photos the best!


I took pictures of Reed one afternoon after his mom had to bribe him to smile. After about 30 minutes he thought he was a professional model and I couldn't stop him from trying to pose. He's a cutie!


This is Alex's girlfriend...Lauren. She loved the camera - hammed it up for me all day. Her mom is my friend Perry. She'll be having a little boy in May. Can't wait to take his pictures!! I tried to take some maternity shots of Perry, but she wasn't very cooperative! I did manage to sneak in a couple!


Is this the cutest kid you've ever seen? Alex is my friend's little boy. He just turned two. He couldn't take a bad picture....even with that look he's giving me in half the shots. He's so cute!